Mommy-Toddler Translation

A friend gave me a great idea to schedule in some craft time each day. I figured this would increase her creativity and give us some bonding time as well. So yesterday, I told Nevaeh, "It's time to do crafts". She got excited, and went straight to the closet where I keep all the play dough, paints, crayons, and markers, etc. To my surprise, she grabbed the pens and highlighters and an activity book. I figured this was an odd choice given all there was to choose from. Nevertheless, we went into the kitchen, where she sat down at the table and said..."Okay mom draw crabs". I now understood her choice of pens, and I couldn't stop laughing. I am not an artist so I encouraged her to "draw crabs" first. It turns out they are just a bunch of squiggled, so I took my turn and it turned out fun. Even lost in translation, craft time was fun. I think this is something we will continue on a regular basis.

Sorry Out of Cash

So I was at the Commissary today, and I did something that I have not done before...I stiffed the bagger on her tip. I feel really bad, especially since I know they don't get paid by the hour and work solely for tips. The girl was really nice, and she bagged the stuff well. To top it off, I couldn't remember where I parked my car, and she literally walked from one end of the parking lot to the other helping me look for it. So why the stiff? Trust me it was not intentional; I thought I had some cash in the glove box (apparently my husband took the gas money and forgot to tell me...good thing I didn't need gas). I promised her I would go to the ATM and get her some money. But here's the twist and why I'm not sure if the guilt trip is warranted or not. The guy waiting for my parking space handed the girl a $5 bill, so should I still feel bad? I did attempt to go to the ATM, but while I was trying to remember my PIN number (which I still can't remember...dang baby eating my brain), a police officer came over and almost gave me a ticket b/c I left the car running (with Nevaeh in it) in a Fire Lane. I explained I just needed to go to the ATM, but he told me that it was a serious offense and that I needed to park the car. I decided to leave instead, but now I'm feeling really guilty that I didn't give the girl a tip. Am I overreacting or should I go back and slip the girl the $5 she deserves? What do you think?

Things I love about my Husband...

* I love that he tells me he loves me about five times before he walks out the door and at the end of EVERY phone call, no matter how brief.

* I love when he sprays on his cologne and then comes to hug me, making sure I can smell it, b/c he knows it is my favorite smell in the world.

* I love how he checks to make sure the doors and windows are all locked at least twice each night and answers patiently when I ask him if he'd checked them ALL.

* I love that no matter how hard he tries to be quiet, he is still one of the loudest people I know.

* I love that when we go to the park, Chris has every bit as much fun as any child there.

* I love that he can never turn Nevaeh down when she asks him to read or play with her.

* I love that he is willing to share his day with me, however mundane.

* I love how he automatically helps without complaint to take care of the dishes after dinner.

* I love that he trusts me completely to take care of the finances he works so hard to earn.

* I love his work ethic, even when it keeps him at work hours longer than everyone else.

* I love how he asks my opinion when he picks something out to wear, and doesn't complain when I suggest he change something so it matches better.

* I love that he is so knowledgable and careful about our cars and makes sure they stay working properly. I will never have to worry about being stranded in my car.

*I love how he makes me laugh with a single facial expression.

** I love that I am the one woman in the whole world that gets to be Chris Huss' wife. That makes me special!

What do you love about your spouse?

New Home

So I know it has been FOREVER since my last post, and my small audience who actually checks my blogs is increasingly dwindling b/c well, I haven't written anything. However, to be fair, I didn't really write, b/c most of them I talked to on a daily basis, but now that has changed, and my lazy blogging habits are going to have to change too. So for the latest bit of news, I have moved. Not too far, just closer to the beach. It is a nice house for us. It has the garage and deck for Chris, the fenced in back yard for Nevaeh and lots of closets for me. However it is missing something...the closeness of a few select friends. I know it is Navy life that we all move away, but unlike the last house, I moved into this one alone, and the daunting task of meeting my neighbors is not looking promising. In time I guess (I am sure the subzero temperatures are keeping everyone inside...or I know they would all be bringing me homemade pies and introducing themselves...right?) Nevertheless we are settling in, and the unpacking is almost done. Nevaeh is settling too, although I don't think she quite knows the difference (except she has to go upstairs to bed). We started "God Blessing" everyone at bedtime, and while I say, "All our friends" she has to name them one by one...and Kyra and are doubly blessed every night. I know she misses you, as do I (and Alicia too) :) . I hope you are settling in to your new homes as well in the Arctic Tundra. Keep in touch!

Date Nights

So a good friend of mine blogged about date nights a few days ago. Her husband and her haven't had a "date night" in a very long time, and they honestly "just don't care to have that". She wanted to know if that was normal. Practically every one of her friends told her that she was perfectly normal for not wanting to leave her child (although many have offered their services for FREE) and spend some time alone with her husband. Me, being the very honest opinionated friend that I am, told her that she was a freak. Not really, but I did try to share with her the importance of a date night.

I explained that I love my daughter and the time I spend with her, as does my husband. However, we also like to rekindle the romance of pre-baby. We like to hold hands across the table and just look into each other's eyes (without being interrupted every 10 seconds to help feed the baby or pick up a spilt sippy cup). We like to take this time to discuss intimate, personal things that don't need to be talked about in front of a child. And while we could discuss all this at home (on the couch watching tv when the ankle biter is in bed, as seems to be the norm with her friends), why? I want to know. Am I the only one who gets excited about dressing up for my man (butterflies included), having him romance me like he did when we were dating? We were a family before our daughter and we will be one when she grows up and leaves. So why not spend some time ALONE and remember why we chose to expand our family in the first place?

However, with so many responses to the contrary, I am beginning to wonder if I am alone in desiring to spend time alone with my husband. Is it selfish of us to desire time away from the child we created? Is it wrong to not spend every precious moment I can with her, knowing she will only be with us a short period of time before moving onto her own things? If I am alone tell me, if you enjoy something special about your date nights, tell me that too. Where do you stand on date nights?


So for those of you who are used to my PC blogs (mostly about my daughter), you may choose not to read any further, b/c this is a very opinionated point about a controversial subject...priorities. Here's the scoop:

Wednesday, the 1st, my husband and I decide we are completely out of food (seriously, no bread no peanut butter, no milk...nothing) and we MUST go grocery shopping. We carry ourselves down to the local Wal-Mart with our carefully planned grocery list and our meager $150 budget for 2 weeks worth of food. (For those of you who think that is a lot...keep reading).

Some of you are thinking...I thought this was titled priorities, not groceries...I'm getting there.

We get in one of THREE lines that are open for people having more than 20 items in their cart, and wait.....and wait....and wait some more. The lady in front of us has TWO carts FULL of food. Now Chris and I knew it was the first (we were there b/c we had just gotten paid), what we didn't realize was that not only had we just gotten paid, but so did every other person in the military and on Food Stamps (here's where the priorities kicks in).

She goes to pay for her (get this) $400 worth of food with her government issued food stamps, and is declined. After ringing up all those groceries, and making us stand in line for 45 minutes, she does not have the money (or food stamps) to cover it (apparently something was wrong with her card).

Now I am not against people needing assistance. What I am against and what I have a BIG problem with is this:

1) The lady was well over 300lbs and clearly did not need all that food...most of which was junk food (I'm talking chips, brownies, cookies, etc). Am I the only one who thinks they should regulate food stamps like WIC checks (specific items only....ya know....veggies, fruit, meat, bread, eggs, necessity items)?
2) What the heck entitles her to get $400 worth of free food? My husband busts his butt everyday to protect our freedoms and the government gives us $250 in his paycheck (for our whole family) toward food...Tell me how that makes sense.
3) And this is what got me going on the priorities kick to begin with. While this woman is being rung up, she takes out her $300 phone (which I am sure comes with at $80-$100 per month bill) and starts chatting. NOW, if I can't afford to feed my family, then what gives me the right to have those such luxuries?

What happened to budgeting in our country and taking pride in our good names and credit? When did it become okay to take handouts that we don't need just because we are eligible? And why is our government supporting people who clearly do not have the ambition to prioritize and support themselves or who at the least just clearly have very misguided ideals about necesities and luxuries?

In the midst of the financial crisis our country is in, I think we need to tell our government that enough is enough for handouts and bailouts. Let people fall on their butts one good time and they won't do it again. Have we yet to learn that feeding someone without teaching them the skills they need to feed themselves, only lends itself to a bigger problem. Enough of my soap box...I am interested in hearing what you think.

Late Labor Day Update

We had the BEST family day ever! We decided to take the day and visit the Outer Banks of NC. It wasn't far, and there was sooo much to do.

Since the weekend before we had visited the Smithsonian Museum of Transportation and seen the originial Wright Brother's airplane, we felt it only fitting that we visit the place it all happened. So we started our trip at the Wright Brother's Memorial. It was neat to see and hear the stories of how the history of flight all started and compare it with how far we have come. It really opened my eyes to the amazing things that are yet to be discovered by future generations.

From there we went to Jockey's Ridge, which is the largest sand dune on the East Coast. If you aren't a fan of sand...I wouldn't recomend it. Also bonus tip, leave the strollers in the car. Nevaeh was so worn out by her adventures in the air, that she fell asleep on the 6 mile (literally) ride to the sand dunes. Chris and I thought it would be fine to push her in her stroller, since afterall it is a jogging stroller. Once again, not our brightest moment, but we were determined to fly our kite out there. The views were amazing and I marvel once again at God's creations.

Our day ended at Roanoake Island, or as I learned in school the Lost Colony. I know what you are thinking, if it is lost, how did we find I right?! Well, we're just that good. Not really, I learned a few things my SC education did not teach me. There were in fact a total of 3 groups of people dropped in the same spot before the last group disapeared. The next group wound up in Jamestown. The villages are very similar, but the one in Williamsburg is bigger, so if you had to choose, I'd go to that one. However, the interactive museum was fun. We all got to play dress up and Chris got to go "duck hunting". The whole experience was great. I'm not sure who acted more like a child...including Nevaeh.

It was a fun-filled full day, and while I captured it all on video, I also accidently deleted all the footage while trying to get it onto my computer. However, we did take some photos of our adventure. So enjoy the belated update and pictures. Drop us a line to let us know how you spent your Labor Day.